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Visionary leaders participate in the annual World Woman Cannes Agenda during the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity week.


The Equality Moonshot of the World Woman Cannes Agenda is a bold new approach to rethinking creativity for solving complex problems affecting women and girls. 


June 19-20, 2024


Canopy by Hilton Cannes, Rez-de-chaussée, 2 Bd Jean Hibert, 06400 Cannes, France

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SEPT 19, 2022


Creativity In action

Art, design, and culture solving complex problems for women and girls

Welcome to the World Woman Cannes Agenda, where the most forward-thinking female creative minds converge in Cannes, France. From June 19th to June 29th, 2024, join us for a transformative experience filled with learning, networking, exploration, and the celebration of creativity in advertising and communications. 


World Woman Cannes Agenda, #EqualityMoonshot ignites a new kind of thinking, harnessing the power of creativity to address challenges faced by women and girls worldwide in a bold new way


Creative Investments

Creative funding for visionary storytellers

Creative Investments

CMO & Media Magnets Edition

Disrupting the World, One Strategy at a Time

CMO & Media Magnets Edition


Unleashing the power of creativity for women's health


Candidates and Campaigns

Political ads influence the outcome for women voters

Candidates and Campaigns

Climate Change & Sustainability

Examine advertising's role in climate misinformation, greenwashing's effects on women and girls

Climate Change & Sustainability

Art & Activism

Unleash the power of art for women's equality

Art & Activism

STEMinists & Equality Moonshot

Using STEM and feminism to accelerate equal future

STEMinists & Equality Moonshot

Creative Economy

Design creative roles to achieve ender parity and fuel the economy

Creative Economy

Sustainability & Gender Equality

Fair Economy

Inclusive Innovation & Technology

Education, Job, Skills, & Parity

Health Equity & Healthcare

Better Business & LeadHership

Creative Economy, Web 3.0& Equal Future

Global Co-operation & Women Empowerment



  • Kate MacNevin
    Global Chief Operating Officer, McCann Worldgroup and Global Chairwoman & CEO, MRM
  • Annemarie Hwa Hou
    Executive Director. United Nations Office for Partnership (UNOP)
  • Patricia Ratulangi
    Global Communications, Diversity Equity & Inclusion Corporate Social Responsibility, Nielsen
  • Fabiana Schaeffer / CEO & Co-Founder
    CEO and Founder of Netza Co Martech Agency
  • Barby K. Siegel
    Global Chief Executive Officer Zeno Group

A dynamic discussion on Juneteenth as we spotlight women of color as pivotal drivers of change and influential consumers. Delve into the historical and cultural significance of Juneteenth, tracing its journey from a symbol of liberation to a beacon of celebration and unity. Discover the immense financial influence wielded by women of color in creative industries, where their innovative output propels global trends in fashion, music, literature, and culinary arts. Explore the power of women of color in the global economy as discerning consumers, whose purchasing decisions shape demand across diverse sectors, from beauty and fashion to technology and entertainment.

  • Tianna Robinson
    Founder & CEO, Intertwined Agency
  • Kai Deveraux Lawson
    Head of Culture & Operations, Valerie
  • Chantel George
    Founder & CEO of Sistas In Sales
  • Shaquana Joseph
    Strategic Account Director, Group Black
  • Emore T Campbell
    Sr Group Director, Her Campus Media


  • Wendy Lund
    Chief Client Officer, Health @WPP

Girlhood: Across geographical and ideological lines, the one constant in culture is the devaluation of femme creativity. And yet, we’re in a season of the girlification of everything with the Barbie/Beyonce/Taylor/girl dinner of it all. What does a future where girl culture becomes the center of the cultural universe mean for society, brands, and the health & wellbeing of women?

  • Rachel Lowenstein
    Global Head of Inclusive Innovation, Mindshare
  • Megan Cunningham
    CEO & Founder, Magnet
  • Jenny Huang
    Director, B2B Brand Marketing Gannett USA TODAY NETWORK
  • Aayati Dash Kar
    Founder, Queendom Metaverse, STEM Advocate & Artist


Today, women spend more time trying not to get pregnant than to get pregnant. In this session we will talk about turning the topic of women's autonomy, equality and reproductive health right-side up by discussing the challenges women face today. From IVF to birth control to abortion, there are changing personal and professional dynamics that are impacting people’s expectations for the private sector today given this significant setback to what the UN calls a fundamental human right. Join experts and leading voices on the topic of reproductive health to discuss how brands navigate this complex and deeply personal landscape.

  • Rachel Lowenstein
    Global Head of Inclusive Innovation at Mindshare
  • Jennifer Starr
    Head of Enterprise Sales, Nextdoor
  • Amanda Kludt
    Group Publisher of Pop Sugar
  • Danielle Weisberg
    Founder, The Skimm
  • Renata Maia Lund
    Chief Creative Officer NA, Ogilvy Health


  • Aruna Natarajan
    Chief Client Officer, EssenceMediacom
  • Kathryn Swallow
    Worldwide Head of Deodorants, Unilever
  • Bridget Sponsky
    Executive Director, Brand, Sports & Sponorship Marketing, Ally
  • Thomas Dobson
    Executive, Group Marketing, National Australia Bank


Motherhood and creative work are often viewed as conflicting roles, but this panel aims to challenge that notion. Instead, it explores the idea that motherhood and creativity are complementary expressions of a common purpose: leveraging our talents to benefit society while raising productive human beings. This discussion delves into the advertising industry's role in supporting working mothers, emphasizing the importance of empathy, setting empowering expectations, and harnessing the creative problem-solving skills of motherhood in bold new ways. By enabling mothers to succeed in both parenting and their careers, they can also take the lead in creatively addressing complex societal challenges by embracing their creative superpower.

  • Krystina Fisher
    Senior Vice President at MSL
  • Hollie Fraser
    Creative Director + Founder of We Are Shelance
  • Laura Jordan Bambach
    Founder and Chief Creative Officer - Uncharted
  • Claire Hollands
    CEO, MullenLowe
  • Charlene Chandrasekaran
    Executive Creative Director, The Or


  • JiYoung Kim
    Chief Operating Officer, GroupM North America
  • Jennifer Wiener
    VP of Creative , Hello Sunshine
  • Tracy-Ann Lim
    Chief Media Officer, JPMorgan Chase & Co


  • Tsitsi Dangarembga
    Zimbabwe, Playwright, Poet, Activist and Filmmaker
  • Aayati Dash Kar
    Founder, Queendom Metaverse, STEM Advocate & Artist


Media has the power to influence our social and cultural behaviors; challenge traditions, and creating movements that motivate audiences to act. This panel will highlight the new Cannes Lions research from the Geena Davis Institute and discuss the impact of global ad campaigns that have inspired positive change and empowerment. Our esteemed panel of leaders will share their invaluable insights in how they are successfully implemented initiatives to drive more inclusivity and diverse storytelling in their global advertising.

  • Madeline Di Nonno
    President and Chief Executive Officer of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media,
  • Bill Imada
    Founder, Chairman and Chief Connectivity Officer, IW Group Inc.
  • Judy Toland
    VP, Global Audience Marketing, Meta
  • Komal Singh
    Senior Product Manager, Google Research AI, Google
  • Dr. Rebecca Swift
    Senior Vice President, Creative, Getty Images

  • Krystina Fisher
    Senior Vice President at MSL &Council Board Member, World Woman Foundation
  • Amber Mundinger
    Global Director of Artistic Engagement, L-acoustics
  • Katja Iversen
    CEO, Museum for the United Nations – UN Live
  • Hannah Marshall


  • Maira Genovese
    ounder & CEO, MG Empower
  • Camila Coutinho
    Influencer and Founder & CEO GE Beauty e Garotas Estúpidas
  • Yasmine Sterea
    Founder & CEO Free Free
  • Tati Lindenberg
    VP of Marketing at Dirt Is Good (Unilever)
  • Aayati Dash Kar
    , Co-Founder, Queendom Metaverse, Artist & STEM Advocate


AI, particularly generative AI, has rapidly been gaining interest and adoption within the advertising industry. While it offers efficiencies, there are concerns that diversity, equity and inclusion considerations have not permeated all processes and ecosystems, causing a risk that progress will be stalled - or worse, reversed. Without due consideration or protocols, these systems can side-step principles of inclusion established to develop progressive content, and instead perpetuate the bias and stereotypes that Unstereotype Alliance members have fought hard to eliminate. This session will unpack how those using and developing AI tools can safeguard against regression and avoid regurgitating ‘baked-in bias’.  

  • Sara Denby
    Head of the Unstereotype Alliance Secretariat,UN Women
  • Christina Mallon
    Head of Inclusive Design, Microsoft
  • Dr Rebecca Swift
    SVP Creative Content, Getty Images
  • Asha Shivaji
    CEO and Co-Founder, SeeMe Index
  • Dani Mariano
    President, Razorfish


At the upcoming Olympics Games, there will be an equal number of male and female athletes, a first in the history of the Games. The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup was the most attended Women’s World Cup ever, drawing nearly two million fans and generated $570 million U.S. dollars in revenue. That said, most of the elite women’s leagues have only been established in the last decade and many parts of the world have yet to establish a mainstream culture around women’s sports. While investment in global women’s sport has ticked upward, a major funding gap still exists, putting females a few steps behind the legacy men’s sports. Our discussion will dissect what has worked for the most successful women’s sports entities – from governing bodies to professional sports leagues, teams, and other partners. How can these organizations work collectively to feed the growing appetite global sports fans have for supporting young female athletes, those who compete on the global stage and everyone in between? Our international business and sport leaders will discuss creative ways to breathe new life into helping girls and women leverage sport as a cultural flame for the betterment of the planet and for reaching their personal/professional goals.

  • Lisa Rosenberg
    Global Partner + President, Consumer Brands, Allison Worldwide
  • Louise Felton
    VP, Marketing Communications, Qualcomm
  • Jen Millet
    Jen Millet, Chief Operating Officer Bay FC
  • Ellen Hyslop
    Co-Founder, The Gist
  • Diana Flores
    Flag Football Superstar and NFL Global Ambassador


  • Tania Bryer
    International Broadcaster, Moderator and Charity Campaigner

Discover the extraordinary synergy between wellness and creativity through the transformative power of sound. In this session, Hesta Prynn, DJ and clinical therapist, and Megan Cunningham, an acclaimed producer and director, come together to explore how music and soundscapes can enhance mental well-being and ignite creative potential. Sound can enable creativity in unique ways – triggering wellness as well as emotions. From therapeutic techniques to artistic innovations, this session will provide a perspective on leveraging sound for both emotional healing and creative expression. Join us to gain practical insights and experience the profound impact of sound on both mind and spirit.

  • Amber Mundinger
    Global Director, L-Acoustics, Artistic Engagement, L-Acoustics
  • Hesta Prynn, MS, LMFT,
    DJ and Licensed Clinical Therapist

Bringing together a prestigious panel of international women’s health leaders, this session will share the timeliest updates on the state of maternal and newborn health, disparities in low/middle income countries, and the need for access to quality primary health care that can prevent and reduce maternal deaths. The panel will also take it a step further by discussing how pregnancy and childbirth shouldn’t just be about “survival and physical health” – women and their health workers have a right to health and WELLBEING – and right now they are suffering. It’s time for all women to thrive when they are ready to or having children.

  • Dr. Leslie D. Mancuso
    President and Chief Executive Officer Jhpiego
  • Chioma Oduenyi
    Project Director, MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership, Jhpiego
  • Dr Prabha Chandra
    MBBS, MD, FRCPsych, FAMS
  • Jillian Mastroianni
    NY Managing Director and Global CMO, Health Grey


When it comes to entering menopause, women still feel like if they’re in the 1950s. In this session we will be debunking the stigma and misconceptions around women entering menopause. We will discuss how menopause is so much more than “hot flashes”, talking about women’s greatest health concerns (heart disease, cancer, mental health, and pain management, to name just a few). It’s time to have real conversations with women!

  • Michelle Hutton
    Global Chief Client and Growth Officer, Burson
  • Burcak Simsek
    Global Lead Reproductive Health, Bayer
  • Christine Guilfoyle
    President, SeeHer
  • Jen DaSilva
    President, Berlin Cameron
  • Emily Seal
    Executive Director, Clio Health
  • Courtney Ambrosi
    Associate Director, Integrated Communications, US Women's Healthcare, Bayer


  • Nayla Tueni
    Lebanese journalist and politician

  • Stuti Jalan
    Founder, Crosshairs Communication & Women Inspiring Network (WIN)
  • Anupama Ramaswamy
    Chief Creative Officer, Havas Worldwide India
  • Sonal Chhajerh
    Group Executive, Creative Director LEO BURNETT, INDIA
  • Neeta Nair
    Editor, IMPACT Magazine (exchange4media Group India)
  • Meera Sharath Chandra
    CEO & CCO of Tigress Tigress

This panel will explore the evolving perceptions of women over 40, contrasting the iconic portrayal in “The Golden Girls” of the 1980s with the contemporary representation in “The Golden Bachelorette” of 2024. We will discuss how these portrayals have impacted societal views on beauty, relevance and the contributions of women in this age group. Our panel features four accomplished women over 40/50 who will share their insights on the changing landscape and the critical role that “aging” women play in business and society.

  • Nancy Hall
    Mindshare NA CEO
  • Darline Jean
    Managing Director, Global Publisher Platforms, Google
  • Catherine Sullivan
    President of Sales, Marketing, and Partnerships, NCM
  • Becca Vodnoy
    Senior Vice President, Advertising Sales, Disney
  • Gina Cavallo
    Chief Revenue Officer, Audigent




To recognize the important work and support extraordinary women heroes in the creative industry who have dedicated their lives to transforming the lives of women and children; have the creative courage to fight, the power to survive, and the leadership to inspire, they become the recipient of the World Woman Hero Awards. During the World Woman Cannes Agenda will celebrate our heroes for their commitment to gender equality in a bold new way.


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Prepare to be inspired by an unprecedented lineup of leaders, on and off the stage. They’ll share their stories—and lessons learned along the way—about defying the odds and reinventing business their own way.


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Have your most-pressing world challenges, concerns, and questions addressed in this open forum. You will receive practical advice, feasible solutions, and innovative ideas on how to fund, launch and solve humanity’s grand challenges that women and girls face around the world